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Student's Comments

The best way to describe the In Depth Retreat experience at Michael Sturlin Studio is through the words of a few of my participants.


“Attending the retreats at Michael Sturlin Studio is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my craft. I have been attending annually since 2015. The retreat is a week of self discovery, friendships and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Michael has a soft way of inspiring you to reach beyond what you think you can achieve. I originally took a workshop with Michael years ago in Indiana and through this connection, he inspired me to attend Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. The annual retreat takes me out of normal busy, business thinking and into a calm, creative environment to expand my skills. And the food, it is just the best! Thanks to Praparat : )” 
Pam Hurst, Pam Hurst Designs, Martinsville IN


“My week long retreat with Michael Sturlin Studio was transformational. My confidence jumped to a different level allowing me to be able to tackle projects I didn’t think I was capable of doing. As a returning student I highly recommend this retreat and am already thinking about how I can participate bi-annually.”
Elisa Mielke, Elisa Marie Designs, San Francisco CA


“I highly recommend Michael’s Studio Sessions. Whether you are fairly new to the craft or an experienced goldsmith wanting to focus on design or learning a new skill, you will benefit and enjoy the experience. Michael works with each participant in the months leading up to the session to determine their goals and what exercises will best help them achieve those goals. During the session, Michael reviews the individual plans with each participant and allows them to work at their own pace, providing instruction and guidance as needed. If he is demonstrating a specific technique, he ensures that everyone is aware of the demo so they can watch if they are interested.. He fosters a sense of comradery and encourages the participants to help each other. It is an amazing experience that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.”
Kat Lundy, Shadow Works Jewelry, Georgetown TX


“Michael’s retreat is what I refer to as my “happy bubble.” Michael has been the most incredibly supportive and nurturing mentor of mine for years, since I first took his class at Revere, so I knew the opportunity at the retreat was going to be one-of-a-kind. It is not just a jewelry class or independent study, it is a fully immersive experience from the technical instruction, to the impressively equipped (as well as inspiring) studio, to the camaraderie possible in a tight-knit group, and finally to the un-paralleled cuisine made by chef Praparat (Michael’s wife). The atmosphere that Michael has curated allows each individual’s focus and purpose of being there to blossom. It cultivates a creative space to play, to try, and to grow and learn beyond just technical goldsmithing but also as artists, business owners, friends, and as people. I’m beyond grateful for the 3 other boss-babes I get to attend the retreat alongside, which is now a highly anticipated annual experience!!! I cherish this “happy bubble” as a highlight of my year!”
Jen Leddy, Jen Leddy Studios, Austin TX

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