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Michael Sturlin Studio

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Welcome to a tranquil oasis in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Scottsdale Arizona. 


My studio is a sanctuary for those who wish to pursue the goldsmith's craft in an intimate professional  environment. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced practitioner, this setting enables you to take your ability further forward with increased confidence and skill refinement. ​


The experience you will have here is a total immersion into technical process and material fluency.​ 


I look forward to working with you!

The Studio

The studio is fully furnished with goldsmiths benches, flex shafts, propane/oxygen Meco torches, acetylene atmospheric torch, melting crucibles, ingot molds, rolling mill, draw bench, draw plates, engraving balls, forming blocks, bezel blocks, bezel and bracelet mandrels, pitch bowls, chasing tools, sandbags, silversmiths stakes, raising and forming hammers.

The Students

Our studio mantra is

Focused Creative Energy Brings Fulfillment and Success


We start with passion and enthusiasm to turn on the faucet of creativity and engage with our limitless potential.

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